We are able to assist you in English!

All the information regarding the U.S. CPA exam are available on the web pages of NASBA organization; however, you are in Japan and maybe you have some education in Japan and/or other than America. You would like to take the exam in Japan. If so, you need some extra consideration to apply for the exam.

We offer the supportive programs to everyone who considers to take the U.S. Exam. We are able to support in Japanese or in English, whichever you are comfortable. Here are brief explanation of supportive programs. Please feel free to email us to ask questions regarding our programs.

<The U.S. CPA Examination supportive programs>

 1. Educational evaluation:
  1) Do you know if you are qualify to sit for the exam?
  2) Do you need to have any educational evaluation?

 2. Advising for a one-year program:
  1) any Q&A about for any concerns and/or troubles through
    the process to apply for the exam

 3. Total Support program:
   to make a plan with you by understanding your needs and current
   environment and process your application until you pass the four

 4. Full Support program:
   to handle your process to apply for the exam

   Please feel free to contact us to learn
what the best for you to apply for the exam
and become a CPA.